Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Balancing Act

Ok so I love to blog, journal, whatever you want to call it. I loved hearing the clickty clack the keys as I let my thoughts run thru my finger tips. And when I was. 15-20 years old. I had plenty of time. Now I am a mom of two busy boys and find myself constantly battling between what I should do, what I need to do, what I want to do and oh look I got distracted...
I think I kind of rocked being a FTM. One kid? Easy peasy. I mean, n was not and is not an "easy" child but far as I am concerned the past three years have been pretty fantastic. Now though... With two kids I feel like I am constantly struggling with balance. I don't feel like "I got this" a lot of the time. Baby J is 8 months old and I am just now getting back on my feet, so to speak and really trying to find our balance, our groove. I struggled with PPD this time quite a bit. But I have to say that I have been so blessed. Baby J is an angel baby. He almost never cries for me...for S is another story. N is growing into a headstrong, yet sweet imaginative little boy. We clash wills daily, but he is such a great big brother.
Anyway, I say all that to say this.... I miss blogging! But I don't seem to have time for it like I used to. And man, blogging/vlogging is so popular these days. And vloggers get all this free stuff "for your consideration". I want free stuff......

So yeah... I am going to try and blog more. Actually I have a post about my NEWEST Influenster vox box that I got coming up. So stay tuned for that.

Have a Disney , y'all.

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