Friday, June 28, 2013

Cucumbers & Basil

I have been following "Grow Food, Not Lawns" on facebook for some time now. Its something that I have always thought would be neat to do since I was a kid. Why have all this grass (or in my yard's case, weeds and sand) and it does no good?
So being inspired, I started small: Basil and cucumbers in pots. Didn't realize that cukes would get so big so fast, so I had to thin them out and plant them in the ground. I had the perfect spot because some years ago I dug up some weeds/mystery plants on the corner of my planter and its been bare ever since. So now I've got 9 cuke plants in the ground, two in a planter. 
My basil is another story. I need to read up on how many can go in each pot and then replant them. I dont have the money to go get good potting soil, so I am trying to make do with the sandy soil already on my property. Learning as I go. Very excited to see how everything turns out :)

Today, I weeded and dug up a 4x3 foot area near my back door. There is an old tree stump on the other side of the fence,  so I knew I would have to dig out all the roots that I could. That was a job! I got probably 20 feet of roots out. There was a small portion that had just too many thick roots, so I left that alone and plan on putting the big ceramic pots on top of the ground/roots . Maybe tomato plants or beans, next year?  I am trying to do this as inexpensively as I can....growing everything from seeds. I am saving my chobani yogurt cups to use for seedlings. The dirt is very sandy and I think it might need some prepping before I can plant anything in it, so for now I'll just put pots on top.  This area gets full sun from about 10am until late afternoon so i think it will be a good spot for veggies. :) 
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?"