Friday, January 3, 2014

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Review

So I gave ya'll a little review of the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo that I received from Influenster a while ago, but today I wanted to a little more in-depth now that I have been using it for a while.

   We've already talked about my shampooing habits, so you should know that I don't wash my hair but two times a week. I find that I like to use NYM's Clean Freak on days when I just rinse my hair (like after a workout). I will let my hair air dry, then use the product to freshen it up if there seems to be a but of shine going on. Of course, I also use this to prolong a blow out! It's great for that! I can easily go 3 days with a little help from this stuff.

   At first, I figured the price would be too much for me but I looked up on Ulta's website and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was just $5.99 for a 7 ounce can. Definitely a price I feel comfortable with paying. The small 1.6oz can that I am using  has lasted me all month and it still feels like I have quite a bit left in there. I wouldn't doubt a 7oz can would last me a good while!

   Comparing the NYM's Clean Freak to the Suave Keratin Dry Shampoo that I had used before, I would say that the NYM's far exceeds my expectations. The first difference I noticed was the smell. The Suave brand was very overpowering but Clean Freak was a slight lemon scent that didn't bother me at all. The consistency of the NYM's Clean Freak was light, refreshing feel... No grimy-ness after a while either! It sprayed out evenly and hasn't clogged up on me so far.

   So all in all, I like Not Your Mother's Clean Freak! I look forward to trying more of their products. If you are wondering, it received a 6 on the EWG's Skin Deep website. So it is on the higher side, but not terribly so.

Thanks to Influenster for giving me the opportunity to review this product!

Ciao for now!