Thursday, November 7, 2013

Had to Google "How To Remove Coconut Oil from Couch"...

... Well, as it happened, the toddler and I caught a cold soon after we bought that eucalyptus oil. So I thought I'd make some homemade vicks with some coconut oil. I had a little container for it and everything. I, however, forgot that coconut oil melts very quickly in warm temperatures. So one night after bathing toddler, we went to sit on the couch so I could diaper and dress him and put the coconut oil mix on him. One slight bump of the hand when I opened the container and a blob of oil spilled out onto my couch! To make matters worse, when I went to get a towel to clean it up, I hastily left the container on the side table.... and toddler thought he'd help out. Thus, spilling the majority of the contents alllllllll over the couch.  I came back and wanted to shoot myself!
I immediately started blotting the oil with a rag and then some paper towels. Stopped to google "how to remove coconut oil from couch". There is always a hundred different ways to do something, so I picked a few and prayed they'd work!
I used some of my vinegar/Dawn carpet/couch cleaner mix at first. Sprayed it on, blotted it with a rag. Then for like 12 hrs, I let baking soda sit on the spots. I vacuumed it up then put corn starch on the spots and let that sit for about 6 more hours. The spot was still a little visible, but not too much. Now, however, I can't see any spot! I think the oil must have transferred from the couch to our clothes or something.
Either way, there's no spot and for that I am thankful.
So, just in case you ever make the same mistake... here's one way to do it!

... Garden update! I have three little cucumbers growing! My pumpkin plant may not make it because it had powdery mildew but I am hopeful. My zucchini plants are all gone. I pulled up the last two that were barely surviving. Covered the whole plot with freshly dropped leaves. We'll try again next year. I'm reading up on gardening and planning my spring garden. :) I've bought more lavender and planted it... but everyone I've talked to said they've never been able to grow it here. My Basil is still doing well. I moved a few plants inside because the weather is getting colder at night. I am hoping they do well inside.

... I'm going to get another VoxBox soon! Really excited about it too. I watched Glow of Grace's unboxing of her Rose VoxBox and now I cant wait to get my Violet Voxbox! I may not do a video, but I'll do a blog version of an unboxing, with pictures and such. :)

... So that's about it. Still slowly trying to potty learn the toddler and also working on weaning him. He's getting to be such a big boy, but still quite the baby at time. <3


Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Shampoo for Me, thanks!

Starting earlier this year, I started being mindful of sulfates and parabens in shampoo. My scalp was oh, so angry with my current shampoo selections (Dove and Garnier) ... And my curls were lackluster and frizzy. I had heard of the no poo method before but wasn't ready to take that plunge so I bought some sulfate and paraben free "shampoo" and conditioner that happened to be on clearance. I loved it but I did feel like I has some build up so I used a tip I learned from a Brunette Duet and used baking soda to clarify my hair once a week or so.
Then I began thinking, if I'm going to mix this stuff up every week, I might as well try the " no poo method". So I read a blog, watched a video and then found some old bottles to use.
It took a little while to realize that I don't need to use so much baking soda and that twice a week washes worked best for my scalp.
As of right now, I use 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 cup of filtered water plus a drop or two of tea tree oil.  I have also recently added a cleansing conditioner that I found at walmart...a no sulfate/paraben product. I had been just using coconut oil to help moisturize  my hair, but still felt that I needed something else. To me, this stuff seems like it would a dupe for WEN. I really like it, it moisturizes and smooths my hair. The smell is a bit manly, but its grown on me and now I love it.

Today, I finally got my hair cut and I am super happy with how it turned out. First off, I like the girl who cut my hair... This doesn't always happen. Secondly, it was a student salon AND it was half off day. I got an amazing hair cut for $6. You can't beat that with a beatin stick. :) I am interested in seeing how it looks air dried and curled. For now, i'm feeling skinny with this straight hair.

I am super excited to see what's coming in the Violet VoxBox! I hope to do a video unboxing and then blog post reviews on all the products. :)

Ciao for now,