Monday, June 2, 2014

What's in my #GoVoxBox from Influenster?



And the award for fastest shipped and largest box goes to....the GO VoxBox!! :) I got an email saying I'd get the box...then two days later, it shows up on my door step! No stalking the mailman at all! :) I was pretty excited to dig into this new box since its theme was health and wellness and that goes with my goals for these next few months (well, life actually.) .

However, there was quite a few things I had no use for.

Like the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons [retail, $3.99-4.99] - Being pregnant, its not something I find myself needing. And to be honest, while I appreciate free products, I just don't feel comfortable in promoting feminine hygiene products on my Facebook, Instagram or even my blog... I mean, it doesn't seem like social media appropriate material. I don't feel comfortable saying much about this product so.... Moving right along.



The Vitamin Shoppe's Next Step Fit N Full shake mix and Next Step Jaxx Shaker Cup. - I got three different flavored packs of shake mix in my box and a very cool looking shaker cup. I was initially concerned because Tonalin CLA was in the mix and I didn't know if I should use it being pregnant. I looked into it and I figured if I wasn't using them as meal replacements (as a dieter would), I'd be fine.
I was really impressed that the mix mixed together so well, thanks in part to the awesome Jaxx Shaker cup! I tried the Swiss Chocolate, which was not chalky but it did not have a flavor that appealed to me. It tasted very medicine/vitamin-y like, with some chocolate flavoring thrown in for good measure. I think it would taste better if it were mixed with something like, Almond Breeze Vanilla, a banana, some peanut butter maybe? What's in the mix itself is really good, and its low in sugar, so using it as a base for a smoothie/shake seems like the best use of this product.
While the Fit N Full shake mix itself was not a hit in my book, I simply love the Jaxx Shaker cup. A very good size cup, dish washer safe and it has a little handle, which I find to be very useful when there is condensation on the cup. It is perfect for my whole fruit/veggie smoothies!

Up next, Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds![retail $3.19 for a 4oz bag] - I received the Blueberry flavored almonds. They are tasty, healthy and a great not melting snack to keep in my purse. However, not for me. I am sensitive to certain nuts, Almonds being one of them. I did try them though, so I can attest to their tastiness! Almost like a candy! My toddler and husband were more than happy to gobble up the rest.  I am always looking for good snacks to keep around the house/in my purse and these delicious Almonds fit the bill.

Muller Greek Corner and Corner Yogurts [retail $1.29] -  Due to the fact that yogurt can spoil, they obviously did not send me a sample, but a coupon for a free yogurt. I gave a more in depth review here. At my local Publix, I was sad to see such a small selection of Muller products, as I was hoping to try the Greek Corner yogurt, but was equally happy to try the plain jane Vanilla and Crunchy Granola corner yogurt. Very rich and creamy, a perfect midmorning snack.

PROFOOT Triad Orthotics and Pedi-Rock [retail $10.49 & $8.99, respectively] - I'm already a big fan of PROFOOT products, so I was very happy to receive these two products. You can see my full review here! Both are great products. :)
and Last but not Least...
Aqua Spa Relax Collection, Bath Soak [Retail $9.99] - This product goes hand in hand (errr, foot?) with the PROFOOT Pedi-Rock. With a lovely light lavender and chamomile scent, it makes a bath blissful! Feels like you are having a spa treatment at home. :) My tip for this is, don't wait to use it just in the bath tub. When you're taking a shower, sprinkle this in the bottom, plug up the tub and shower on! You can smell the relaxing lavender in the shower steam and your feet get a little extra pampering.
I had never heard of this company and unfortunately there isn't yet a review on the EWG's Skin Deep website yet, so I don't know where this lands on their scale. Overall though, I would say I really like the Bath Soak!
Ok, so I think that is everything in my Go VoxBox! Again, I am so glad to have been able to get these products and test them out, so Thanks Influenster! :) I have a cuddly toddler I need to attend to, so I will see ya next post. Lata!
 All of these items were received compliments of Influenster for testing purposes.