Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cleaning Tips for Healthy Living

I don't claim to have it all down, but I have learned some useful things and thought I'd share my knowledge. I first started really getting into the "crunchy" lifestyle when I had my first son. I didn't want to clean with harsh chemicals around him, so I began using a vinegar based cleaner. I found this tip on Pinterest ... I use old Spaghetti sauce jars and orange peels, write the date on top and fill it up with white vinegar. Let it "marinate" for two weeks then to use, strain the vinegar. I do a 1:1 ration of vinegar and filtered water. I also add Lemon essential oil. For my bathroom cleaner I do the same thing but add tea tree oil as well . I found cleaner bottles at Walmart, but home depot or Lowes sells them as well. Keep your vinegar/orange marinade going so you'll never run out.
For glass cleaner, I do a 1:2 vinegar to filtered water  with a few drops of Dawn dish soap (not super crunchy, but it works!).
I am also a fan of Melaleuca brand Sol-U-Mel . It smells awesome and isn't toxic.... Great for stains (carpet and clothes), fabric odors and a general purpose cleaner. You can find Sol-U-Mel here.
My other favorite cleaning product is baking soda... You'll see that I use it everywhere! I use it in the bathroom for the tubs and the toilet bowl. And use an old Parmesan container to sprinkle baking soda on the carpets to help with odors. You can add EO's to the mix and it will leave your carpet smelling wonderful!

You want to eliminate as many harsh chemicals in your house as possible, from cleaners, air fresheners, and laundry detergent. Consider adding some indoor plants to help purify the air in each room. So far, I haven't killed my peace lily! :)

Hope these tips help you keep your house clean and healthy as they have helped me! :)