Friday, September 27, 2013

Say Cheese!

While I have been getting into a more plant based type diet, there are a few things I just don't feel I want to give up. My goal is moderation, so while I try to make greens and veggies at big part of my diet, I also will have the occasional Five Guy's burger. Because they are fantastic... and I'm too poor to have more than one a month. :)

And since we're on things too good to give up, lets talk about cheese. I got a Sargento VoxBox from Influenster a little while ago. Inside was a coupon for a complimentary cheese snack, a $1 off coupon and an awesome little cheese stick cooler. Yeah, you heard me. A cooler for your cheese stick. :)

The toddler was very impressed with the cooler... but never got to try the cheese. Why? Because mommy bought Pepper Jack cheese so she didn't have to share! Was that mean? Perhaps... Was it good? Oh yes! Satisfied my nacho craving I had been having for a while now. I had a cheese stick and some SunChips and I was good to go. :) For one cheese stick, it was 80 calories, so not too bad.

The only con about having cheese in your refrigerator, is knowing that you have cheese in your fridge. I think the pack came with 12 cheese sticks.... they were gone before the week was out. :)
I think I'm going to redeem my coupon next time I go to the grocery store... I think S needs to make burgers with the Sargento Pepper Jack cheese INSIDE the burger. :)

Anyhoo... so I would like to get back to blogging a little more often. Will that happen? Who knows... I am still finding it incredibly hard to balance computer time, working out, all the duties of a wife and mother...showering. "_"

So that's all for now... toddler is napping in underpants (!) and I need a shower, so until next time! Ciao!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gardening, Take 2

My lovely cucumbers were doing wonderfully with all our summer rain, until two weeks of intense heat made them shrivel up and DIE. This picture is the before and after... and what it currently looks like is just a plot of nothing. I was so sad but there was nothing I could do. There are two small cuke plants in another location, they have a few blooms, but I am not holding out hope that they'll actually produce any fruit. :[

I cleared a plot in my side yard and have zucchini and pumpkin growing there at the moment. I realized that since they were doing so well, I ought to clear out more space... so that's what we did today. And by we, I really mean me... 2 year old are just no help sometimes! 

I hope to plant some more cucumbers against the fence and see if I can get any lavender to grow this time. With my birthday money, I bought some soil and marigolds. I've got a plan forming in my head and I hope the weather and veggies will cooperate. The pumpkin plant is getting big and over taking my zucchini... but they all have blossoms on them so Lord Willing, we might see fruit!! If anything this gardening experience is teaching me how to be patient. And also, that I don't have control over everything. I can do the work, plant the seed but it's up to God if it grows. I really enjoy my time gardening and even though he's not much help yet, it's fun to teach the 2 year old about gardening. :)
Looks like I'm going to need some tar paper (or maybe i'll just use newspaper), some more bricks or blocks and more soil to raise it up a bit. I'm also looking into buying a blueberry bush for the front yard but I am afraid that it won't make it in the heat. This winter I will be transplanting some of the small shrubs from the front, so I'll have more room to experiment with veggies up there in the planters. 
ciao for now!