Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hungry Little Caterpillar

Boy was I naive. I saw one little caterpillar on my zuke plant and thought,"Oooh, look at this little guy..." I flicked him in the bushes. Later that day I look and realize that my poor zucchini plant has been skeletonized! All the leaves had been chewed up! A closer look at all five of the plants gave me a better understanding of why insecticides became so popular in our country. Who really wants to pick off and squash dozens of little green caterpillars ? Well, that's what I did.... *squash*
Darn little bugger's... I will be completely surprised if I get any fruit from my garden. BUT it has been a very good learning experience and I hope to continue to learn. I will say though that I didn't like the "trial and error" process in algebra and I don't love it in gardening either... But at least it keeps me active and slightly tan. :)

In other news, I bought eucalyptus essential oil and have been loving it! I love learning about how different oils can be used for different things. Plus it smells good. ;) I plan on making my own version of Vick's using it and some coconut oil.

I have a new hair product I want to review on here and I'm going to try and do that next week sometime. It's a WEN dupe! :)

Until then, ciao!