Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feeling fresh with the Fresca Voxbox!

Spring brings many things... Birds singing, flowers blooming, bees buzzing and allergies. For me it also brought a Influenster Voxbox. 

Influenster sends out boxes of free samples and sometimes full sized goodies for testing and review. As always, I strive to give fair and honest opinion!
I was so excited to receive this box. There were so many great products and I had fun time trying them all out. 

My favorite thing was the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner - [$7] It actually wasn't a hit for my scalp, but still think it's a great s&c combo. Its free of the harsh chemicals generally found in hair products, such as sulfate, silicone, paraben and dyes.   It smells amazing, so fresh and clean and it lingers in your hair just enough. The shampoo and conditioner worked well together, taming my wild mane. If you were using this daily, I would recommend adding a deep conditioning mask every couple of weeks.

The second thing in the box was my old standby shaving cream from Pure Silk [$2.19]. I have been using this stuff since I first started shaving. In the past year or two, I have just been using cheap conditioner or lathered up soap. Using the Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream this past week, I am reminded why I loved this stuff once before. A smooth, close shave that leaves my legs looking fantastic!
The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs [$13.99] paired very well with the shave cream and made my legs look even better! It wasn't what I expected... Its basically makeup for your legs. Read the directions before using and definitely shave before hand to achieve a flawless look! I will be using this for times I wear a shorter skirt at church but don't want to wear hose.
After trying the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Daily Cleanser [$7.99] for over a week, I feel there is a big improvement in my skin. No more new breakouts and the ones I had are healing. The scent is pleasant but not overwhelming and a little bit goes a long way. I was sad to see that there was parabens and fragrance in the face wash. It does says it has white tea and vitamin e, but for me there are better options that are less toxic. It did improve my skin but I don't think I'd buy a full size. 

I stepped way out of my comfort zone with the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer in Rockaway Ruby [$3.99]. Such a vibrant, pigmented shade of red with pink undertones. The application was really easy, but care should be taken to be sure you don't end up with it all over your face. It lasted a good 4-5 hours, drinking water and eating lunch included. A little bit goes a long way! To use this for a more muted look, combine with lip balm and only dot the lip lacquer on the bottom lip.

Last but not least, the JAFRA Blends [$22]! They sent three sample size vials and one full sized Blackberry Juniper Magnolia (1oz). To start off, the Blackberry blend smells amazing. So fresh and sweet... Good for any occasion. JAFRA Blends are meant to be layered together or of course you could where them alone. They are made with essential oils and seem to linger for quite a while. The sample sized scent were Violet Pomegranate and Sea Salt Rose Petals. I LOVE the violet is so sweet and fruity. It layers well with the Sea Salt Rose Petal, which is a soft rosey scent.
That is everything in my Fresca Voxbox from Influenster...whew! Such awesome products! I am so glad I got the opportunity to try new things. I always end up finding things I love that I never would have normally tried. Thanks Influenster!

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