Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reese's Spread

I am a huge fan of chocolate and peanut butter, so I was pretty stoked when I got the email from Influenster saying I was going to get the Reese's Spread Voxbox.
On a dreary, cold day, a lovely orange box was sitting in my mailbox. N and I grabbed a spoon and an apple for the initial taste test. Now being a fan of Nutella, I was expecting something like that... it was not, however. It literally tastes like a smooshed up Reese Cup!  The texture was slightly grainy, but the taste was terrific.
Now, this is not a healthy snack... its a very indulgent snack, requiring much will power to NOT eat the whole container in one setting. The calories are 190 per 2 tbsp and 19 grams of sugar. I try not to make snacks like these a habit, but every once in a while its nice to have around.
So far I have tried it on graham crackers, pretzels, toast, a spoon, my fingers, apples, a banana and swirled in a Wacky Cake. I am a pretty big fan of the saltiness that stands out when paired with pretzels, but it is truly decedent in the Wacky Cake.
Valued at a little over $3,  I'm not sure this would be something I purchase just to have in the house. If  I was planning on making a dessert with it, like the Wacky Cake, then I might.
I did really enjoy trying the Reese's Spread, so Thanks Influenster for the opportunity!
Til next time,
Nellers <3

Sorry for no pictures, the Blogger App is being a beast and I don't have any pictures on my computer. >.< 

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