Saturday, June 13, 2015

Balancing Health

Being pregnant and sick for half of each with both boys, then nursing for 3 years and body is feeling drained. Also, I'll be 27 years old this did that happen? The past 5 years have disappeared.
My skin is showing its displeasure, my weight is taking its sweet time coming off... My motivation is stuck. So what am I doing about it? Because you know I don't like staying stuck...
I searched for the best prenatal in my budget on I started taking Evening Primrose oil, Cod Liver oil, calcium, extra Vitamin C and a good fiber supplement. I have been oil pulling. I am trying to drink as much water as I can... I don't drink coffee very often and I'm cutting back on my tea.
I know I need to start drinking a green drink in the morning or for lunch... I think I will have to start making up bags of smoothie ingredients so I won't have the excuse of "its too much trouble".
I have an addiction to sugar... As most Americans do. Its in everything, so it's hard to weed it out completely. But I'm working on it.
I wanted to get a double jogging stroller so I could start taking walks in the morning with the boys, but I cannot find one that will fit N that is also in my budget. So, praying about that... I guess I'll just use my elliptical for now. I have been doing some yoga and core work...really focusing on strengthening my whole body.
Trying to find my motivation thru my friends on Facebook and staying accountable thru myfitnesspal. It's encouraging to see the scale slowly go down, but I don't see a change in my body because I haven't been able to do much toning. But each day is another chance to do the right thing.
I want to be strong and healthy for my boys, for my family... To glorify God with what he has given me.
For me weight loss, healthy's all very connected to my spiritual life. I feel that since God is the creator of my body, I can pray and ask him to help me in my endeavors to be healthier. Strengthening me both physically and spiritually. Its a testimony to how weak we are as humans and how much we need God in our lives. How much we need to rely on God... Trusting him with our health, our life, our souls.


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